For appetites big or small, The Brick House offers an assortment of culinary experiences to start your day right. Fresh, unique daily specials available and menu may change seasonally.



Brick House Café Breakfast Menu

Serve 7 to 11 Daily, Sundays 12
Please, no Substitutions


Brick House Specialties

The Brick House Breakfast – Eggs cooked to order, toast, potatoes, &
choice of bacon, or sausage. $10

The Perry House – Eggs cooked to order, toast & choice of bacon, or
sausage. $8

The Jenkins – 2 Eggs cooked to order & toast. $6

Breakfast Burrito – Scrambled egg, onion & peppers, cheese, chorizo
sausage, salsa & sour cream. $9

Eggs Benedict – Poached eggs, ham & hollandaise on an English muffin,
with potatoes. $12

French Toast – Bread dipped in hazelnut vanilla batter, grilled and
sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon, serve with maple syrup. $8

Crème Brulee French Toast – Featured on Diners Drive-Ins & Dives.
Bread dipped in hazelnut vanilla batter, crusted with toasted hazelnuts &
pecans, topped with whipped cream, sautéed pear and caramel drizzle. $12

Biscuits $ Gravy – Buttermilk biscuits smothered in peppered sausage
gravy, with potatoes. $10



Substitute egg beaters or egg whites for 1.00, additional changes or
substitutions .50 each
Cheesy – Three eggs, cheese blend & choice of toast. $7
Ham & Cheese – Three eggs, cheese blend, smoked ham & choice of
toast. $8
Hippie – Three eggs, cheese blend, onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomato,
broccoli with choice of toast. $9
Meaty – Three eggs, cheese blend, bacon, ham, sausage & choice of toast. $9
Mexican – Three eggs, Pepper Jack, chorizo, peppers & onions, drizzled
with ancho sauce, and topped with sour cream, salsa, avocado & choice of
toast. $10


Breakfast Sandwiches

Scrambler – egg, ham, sausage, cheese & mayo on toasted English
muffin. $6
Croissant Sandwich – egg, ham, cheese & mayo. $6
Monster Croissant – egg, sausage, ham, bacon, cheese & mayo. $8
Morning Biscuit – egg, sausage, cheese & mayo. $6



Potatoes $3
Potatoes with peppers & onions. $4
Add cheese to eggs or potatoes. $1
Meat – 3 slices of bacon, or 2 sausage patties. $3
Bread – Toast, English muffin, or buttermilk biscuit. $2



Cinnamon Roll. $3
Pecan Caramel Roll. $3.50
Plain Croissant. $2
Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant. $2.50
Turnover – flavor of the day. $2
Muffin – flavor of the day. $2
Scone – flavor of the day. $2
Biscotti. $1.50

Warnings: Eggs cooked to order; sunny side up, over easy, or soft poached may be undercooked
& are served only upon request. Consumption of undercooked egg and meat products can cause
food borne illness.


The Brick House Café additional menus:

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